Heart Evangelista's P163M ($3M) Hermès Collection


If you follow Heart Evangelista on Instagram, you're probably aware of her penchant for the luxury brand Hermès. Heart has always been a collector of luxury brands, but her obsession with Hermès began with these babies from over a decade ago.

This article is in collaboration with heartevangelistafashion on Instagram.

The Gateway Bags


Heart's first: Hermès Birkin Bleu Royal Togo with Palladium Hardware 30 

The bag that started it all. In Heart's vlog, she shared that this bag was a gift from her dad when she was 22 or 23 after they had a huge fight, as a way of mending their relationship.

To this day, Heart still considers this as one of her favorites.


Heart's second: Hermès Birkin Orange Togo with Palladium Hardware 40 

A couple of years after receiving her first Birkin, Heart was spotted at the Olay event in April 2010 carrying her newest acquisition as documented by cosmo.ph.

Love Marie Handpainted Bags

Combining art and luxury, Heart Evangelista's love for art spilled over her Hermès collection. The idea came to her after staining her bag while eating at Chili's. That's a story for the ages! Some years after that, Heart started getting requests from friends to paint on their bags until Heart turned it into another business venture. Her art was so unique that she painted on 40 Hermès bags that eventually went on exhibition in 2016, dubbed Carry Your HeART. Most of those bags were either commissioned by her clients or have been sold to eager buyers as the years went by.

Below are some of the bags from her own Hermès collection that also went on display that she still has in her possession.

While writing, Heart sold this particular Kelly to a new buyer. Yay!

Rare & Limited Edition Hermès Bags

Not everyone knows this, but Heart Evangelista is the owner of not 1 but 5 of the most coveted Hermès bags. These bags are so rare, they are produced in very limited quantities and only offered by Hermès to its roster of super VIP clients, making them a really great investment.

Her Amazing Hermès Collection

This next set are the bags she was seen carrying beginning 2014. Sadly, we're unable to go all the way back to 2012 (she has thousands upon thousands of posts lol).

The Crocs

The Ostriches

The Suedes

The Special Orders

Also called the SO or HSS (Horseshoe Stamp), the Special Order bag is a custom piece where VIP clients are allowed to select certain options for their bag and Hermès would specially make it for them. Typically the House offers this option one season each year, according to PurseBlog.

The Normies

How was Heart able to amass this extensive collection?

In one of her vlogs and Instagram reels, Heart shared that she saves for the bags she's eyeing. She has also sold some of her "normies" to acquire more valuable pieces. And as mentioned earlier, she paints on some of these bags and resells them for a higher price.

Because Hermès is a highly exclusive brand, their bags appreciate in value over time, making them a wise investment for those who are into fashion and investing at the same time.

Disclaimer: Our rough estimation is based on Heart Evangelista's social media posts beginning 2014, with the exception of her gateway bags. Some of them may have been possibly sold. 


  1. It's the Faubourg!

  2. What a well written article which truly expresses Heart's love for the quality and workmanship in the Hermés products. Salute 🫡
    Sending love from one of her avid fans.

    Lana ❤️

    1. Thank you dear! And it's a very good investment. Unlike other brands, Hermes bags appreciate in value over time.

  3. In Harper's bazaar video that orange lizard was the main character

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    1. I won't! Hmmm that is a great idea. Will think about it!

  5. I think she also own the red Kelly Clutch


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