Hi Hearties!

Welcome to my blog. I was just a pre-teen girl then who loved to watch local TV. Me and my family have been loyal Kapamilyas since forever. Like other girls, I would watch G-mik in the afternoon. I was getting bored with the show when a cute, conyo chinita came along. It was Heart Evangelista, and right then and there I fell in love.

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With everyday shows filled with mestizas, Heart was a refreshing addition to the cast. I felt that despite her 'sosyal' accent, she is a very sweet girl. And I still believe she is. Since then I would religiously watch her , even on Myx, and stalk her on Friendster. At the time, I wasn't aware of 'posers' so I really thought the account I added was really her. And that idea made me really happy. Haha! But then after a while she decided to move to GMA so I wasn't able to watch all her shows like I used to. 'Good thing she frequently graced the cover of magazines. I would buy each magazine every chance I get, which is still true until today. :)

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Today, she's still as beautiful and radiant as ever. And I loved the fact that she's also an artist and a PAWS advocate. I highly admire and respect people who are not just a pretty face. She may have not finished school, a thing commonly thrown at her by her bashers, but at least she knows how to make good use of her talents and influence. After all, education is not the real measure of success or a person's worth. It's how you lived your life and how you learned from your mistakes. I hope someday I get to meet you, Heart. Right now though, I'm content with looking at your pictures and updates on Twitter and Instagram. Do not let bullies get to you. There are a lot of good people out there who support you, in public and in silence. Love and peace! xx


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