Different Ways to Wear Your Hermès Scarf

When it comes to styling an outfit, you can count on Heart Evangelista to show you different ways to wear an item -- be it a coat, a tank top, or a scarf. She uses the Hermès scarf as a tie, a necklace, and even a blouse. No wonder Hermès Manila chose her as one of the Hermès Silk muses along with Liz Uy and Laureen Uy.

Read more to find out different ways Heart wears her Hermès scarves and twillys.

The Classic Scarf


Choker and Necklace

Wrist Band


Purse Scarf/Accessory

Beach Bag


And even a Pet Accessory...

Last month, Preview Magazine dared Heart Evangelista to a scarf challenge. Here's the video:

 All photos courtesy of @stylebylovemarie_e and @iamhearte on Instagram


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