Heart Evangelista Front Row Seatmates with Emily in Paris Cast Camille Razat and Ashley Park at Jean Paul Gaultier Show in Paris Haute Couture Week

After serving us an OMG moment with Song Hye Kyo, Heart Evangelista wowed us once again after posting a photo of her with two of the main Emily in Paris cast Camille Razat and Ashley Park!

If you watch the highly popular Netflix show Emily in Paris, Lily Collins' character Emily Cooper is an American who had to work and live in Paris to oversee Savoir, the French marketing firm that her American company had acquired. She later meets and befriends Mindy (Ashley Park), a Chinese-American who is secretly an heiress trying to make a name for herself, and Camille (Camille Razat), a sophisticated French girl who later helps her navigate French culture.

Many of Heart's fans have said in the past that she absolutely deserves to be part of the show, even through a cameo appearance, so naturally everyone was thrilled to see her seated with the two of the show's main cast and having an animated conversation!

How cute is that!? Would you like to see Heart Evangelista in Emily in Paris? Netflix, make it happen!


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